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The Kinder Arena group entered the pre-school segment in 2017. By collaborating with the EtonHouse International Education Group, we opened the first E-Bridge Preschool in Penang at Arena Curve, Bayan Baru, in 2017, followed by the second branch in Georgetown at 9 Jalan Pangkor the year after.
In 2019, we are entering into the primary-level education segment with the opening of our first day-care and tuition centre at Arena Curve.

Tuition and Daycare

for primary school students

Operating hours

We are open Mon-Fri, except public holidays, and remain open during school holidays.
We have two sessions, a morning session (7.30am – 1.00pm) and afternoon session (1.00pm – 6.30pm).
During school holidays full-day session is available at an extra cost.

Daily program - making learning fun!

On arrival at the centre, the Teachers will first help the children to complete their homework. We encourage the children to show independence and determination,so that they can complete their homework by themselves under the Teacher’s guidance.
Once homework is completed and after a short break, the students will do a hands-on integrated learning activity, where the focus is on learning by doing, and by having fun.
This could take the form of a science experiment, where children can also work on their language and numeracy skills by documenting and presenting the results. Or it may take the form of a stop-motion animation project where the children write the script and learn to work in groups to complete the project. We take an inquiry-based approach to learning, where we encourage children to ask questions and find their own answers.
We make learning fun, but we do expect our students to excel academically as well. We take a structured and methodical approach to exam preparation such that children will perform to their potential.
Our program takes an integrated approach to learning, which will include subjects such as English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Mathematics and Science. We provide support for all primary schools including the national schools (SK), Chinese-language schools (SJK) and International Schools.
Two meals are provided for half day, including lunch. Full day includes three meals (breakfast, lunch and tea break).

Admission & Fees

We are currently accepting admission for children in Primary 1 to 3. Fees are billed monthly and start dates are flexible, however once enrolled there is a 2 month notice period on withdrawal or termination.
New enrolments have a 2 week trial period where withdrawal can be done without the 2 months notice, where the security deposit and 50% of the monthly fee will be refunded. The registration fee is not refundable.
Details of our registration and monthly fees are available on request. The refundable security deposit is equivalent to 1 month fee. There is an additional charge for full-day program during the school holidays, but there are no additional charges for food, books or materials.

Our Centres

Kinder Arena Tuition & Day Care

72-2-78 Jalan Mahsuri, Arena Curve, Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Tel: 04-637 4458

Our Location

Phone number : 04 637 4458
Address : 72-2-78 Jalan Mahsuri, Arena Curve, 11900 Bayan Lepas
Email :

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