What does it take to be
a top ranked preschool?

E-Bridge Preschool is honored to be named by Trusted Malaysia as one of the Top 5 kindergartens in Penang. What does it take to be a top preschool? Our founder Patrick Tiah shares his views.

Trust is the most
important thing

Children are precious, and the most important thing for us to do with every new enrolled child is to work to earn parents’ trust. We do this by being honest and transparent. We are not perfect – if we make a mistake, we own up to it and work constructively to do better next time. We work with parents as partners to work together in fostering their child’s development.

Value feedback to continuously improve

We see ourselves as an organization of continuous learning and improvement, the only way to do that is to actively solicit and value feedback from all stakeholders, including parents, staff and teachers, and most importantly, the children themselves.

Develop a passion for learning by making learning fun!

Whatever we enjoy doing, we do it better. As a result, our central tenet is that every child must enjoy their time in school and look forward to coming again the next day. Our inquiry-based learning approach keeps children engaged and empowered in their learning journey. Our focus on real-life applications of learning outcomes keeps and makes learning relevant.

Full day means exactly that 2X the learning, 2X the fun!

Most preschool programs are essentially half day, whilst the second half of the day is childcare with idle-time. In our case, the full day programme is exactly that – a full day of learning in the morning and in the afternoon. For example, the morning session may focus more on large group activities, literacy and numeracy, but after nap time the children break into small groups for inquiry-based projects. Is it tiring? Not at all – because we keep it fun!

Having started in 2017, our organisation is only 4 years old but we have come so far because of the support of the team and the parents. We don’t believe we are there yet - we are still learning!

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